Swara Bhasker Taking Off Her Heels on the IIFA Green Carpet is Basically All of Us

Must watching IIFA Awards on Wednesday night was start dum affair, to say atleast, all live updates and goregeous glamour actress, photos images, that seen flood our timelines, one stood out, a person photo of Swara Bhaskar struggled with her stilettos and iifa events take them off on green well carpet, In a twitter tweet, Sware Bhaskar has shared the photos, which depict her struggle with heels, she is struggling from 20 minutes, she finally not intrested and choose to go barefoot

The Red Carpet she wrote, my lifelong emmity with leg heels continues on to the red carpet, Swara really hates heels, she mention how her worst night mare is wearning heels on the red carpet and she wished to live in the world, where the women did not have to wear such unconfort stilettos and could just in simple way, how world relatable is that, countless studeis which dissect and analyse why women around the world opt for leg heels, when it comes to normal formal dress, events like award and various other function, have to wear high heels can make a respectable women feel tall, and hence look gorgeous

While there is nothing wrong about wanting to dress and makeup, wearning uncomfort high heels, it should be choice and not compulsory, hollywood actress Kristen Steward took of her heels on the Canners in the red carpet to protect against the stingent dress code, While Swara share a moment on the green carpet had nothing to do with a protest or dress code in the IIFA awards to make a point out, can we just honest with himself and admit how tough is to walk with high heels, its struggle on her expression is basically all of us when we forced to walk on red carpet with high heels.

Woem should be free and freedom to wear on high heels, whatever they choose on red carpet, be stunn gown with sky high stilettos of mis comfort wearing clothes and shoes, that you can walk in a few metres in without topping over, we should be able to decide to yourself, without having age old tradition.

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