The eighth annual Lux Style Awards held in Karachi a week ago - # LSA23 - created a big eye challenge. Will people have the option of treating it as half-full or half-free? The correct answer was also heavily in context. Depending on who you claim - it's the champion or the flush trusted

वीडियो देखने के लिए नीचे क्लिक करें 

There was ample support for the rising stars, and the original praise of the legends was as much, and yet when the judgment of the structure came, there were a few miracles, scorn and dissatisfaction, and thus a few honorable winners. Most of the movements can be beating and fun, but the content hasn’t settled. Playing exceptional shelters - a move taken to avoid various allegations that have arisen in the past year due to politically incorrect pronunciation for visitors - CSRs have tragically fallen into a protected and stimulated area. Also, Yasir Hussein, the man who made the most questionable comments a few years ago, has at least left the spotlight behind.

When we think about the outlook, we must start with the introduction - the opening show. Momina Mustahasan, who was recorded as one of the world's 100th most convincing women in the world, was with Lyari rapper Eve Bee for performing on a female activist song dedicated to the title "Rooka na Rukaya". Despite the rapper's wonderful visual intimacy (he covers his face for privacy) and the strong message it brought, Mamina Mustahasan composed, integrated and delivered, making the tune one of the weakest LSAs ever.

Momina Muttahsan may be sitting next to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, but he is not an entertainer or an artist unless he is pushed into the crowd of people with no worldly desire. It wasn't good to see these aspirations sinking in, and it was probably a few minutes before people were fascinated by the way the four-part band of youth played the musical and deep form of the national anthem. Grihan the Band truly gave us the Gossamps that relied on the opening show. They were a valuable extension to the lineup.

However, not everything on the show was so moving.

Parody has always been the backbone of the LSA, communicating with individuals and making the five-hour show a rational one. Content journalists and moderators such as Bhas Chowdhury, Yasir Hussein and Ahmad Ali Butt have regularly reported the jokes, but nothing has been politically correct. Their vitality was severely lacking this year; They must return to retrieve the LSA’s Jui de Vivre.

And considering the fact that CSRs from various moderator positions have consistently created something, you will be encouraged to bring back the show's nightly host game plan. Fahad Mostafa, along with his Uber star personality, made a perfect decision with most of the artists in the company, his level of ease and his inimitable stage and kept in mind that he took over for a while, soon replacing him with a handful of spectators. There was no attraction or science to associate with. Being a decent entertainer or entertainer is definitely an alternative way of doing a show and catching a strong group of viewers is a completely extraordinary ball game.

Fortunately, a few last exhibits compensated for the benefits that were needed. Unilever chairman Shabanan's melodic tribute from Dhaka to the Lifetime Achievement Award, Lux young girl Meera (who played with Asad Siddiqui), Maya Ali and Saba Kamer served as Maya when her movie songs 'Atif Aslam' were deleted. And the exemplary Atif style brought the audience to the stage with Shabnam. Oh Shabanan accompanied Nadim, his renowned practitioner, and their memories created tears of overwhelming admiration and emotion in the party. Minutes like these that feature CSRs and print them out over the years are history.

While praising the elders, the winner of the Best Actor - Audience choice for Khani took Feroz Khan Kavi Khan personally to the audience and his honor was dedicated to him.

Another area of ​​contact was the assembly for those who are no longer with us and who left us to go to heaven a year ago. The narrator read a line about what the names feature is, instead of the names, and this was one

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